Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Hippie tequila

Peyote :D

You know how some people will say, oh no, not tequila, not for me.  That stuff makes me crazy.

Although as I've heard less intense.  Who doesn't like tripping with ROB ZOMBIE!

Lest we forget John Hurt's physical regression to Proto-Human and eventual becoming God on the stuff in the classic Altered States.

Gay Stuff

An oral-bottom boy told me the other day that I was not up on my Gay slang.

He's from NY, "Lawyer Syndrome".

He had me to define terms for him.

His definition always better.

"I want a lover I don't have to love.  I want a boy who's too sad to give a fuck."

SCAT-TER the afterbirth!

My older bottom friends will let me hide behind them, so the scat doesn't hit me when young bottoms talk about their before sex anal-hygiene routines.

"Girl, I can't."
"We know honey, just stand over there."
"That's not a real bottom anyway."

When did this become a thing?

I miss shit dick.  I mean, sometimes it was cool.

Tube.  Tube.  Tube. "Poop-chute!"

I want to sit with them sometimes and ask...

How do wipe your butt normally?
What is your poopy ritual?
Do you every watch your brownie maker?
Are wet wipes worth it?

Anyway, it seems clean bottoms are in order.

"I feel like my heart is being touched by Christ."

The little death as they say, let 'er rip shitty legs.


Just a little sugar for your mind, some weird old Gibsons and a couple Jerberz :)

Cos its a long way back from hell


To everybody struggling...

Come around.
Lifes fucking amazing.


The Skunk Ape

One of the reasons I moved to Florida is how cute my cousins from here are, although Upper Middle Class and from Dade County. Florida boys have a certain Je ne sais quois. They know beaches, they know swamps, they know Beoug, and they know fishing. The fishermans hat and tattered camo shorts are common fashion. While it looks only redneck and rough trade, its intelligent, laid back, cool, and without a fuck given (unless it's for the environment), Jamaican Redhair, and a good piece of ass. What's that smell, that's right, you guessed it, "swamp hippies"! Or could be Florida's famed Cryptoid, the Florida Big Foot, SwampThing, or The SKUNK APE! While Southern Florida's great nature, the Florida Everglades, endless miles of swamp fed of the Kissimiee River, which is famed to be a living sentient thing in itself (it is infamous to have very strange experiences with natures power camping along this river,) is filled with all sorts of wonderful wildlife, like Gators, Crocs, Pythons, Panthers, and such, the most famous Everglades resident is Old Stinky. Gators in the sewers! Hell, they know when its dinner time (little old ladies like to feed them.) Anything that goes in the Kissimee ends up in the Lake and anything in the Lake ends up either in the Gulf or the Atlantic, though some things end up in the great nature preserve, like monkeys. Poisonous generations of Herpes monkies, and other fine Monkeys!

Sightings of the Skunk Ape were popular in the 60s and 70s. If you have ever been on Everglade roads late at night you know the potential. It's quiet out there. Suburbanites of Dade County would come home and someone just walked in and the house reeked, and nothing was taken, but the kids cereal and the granola bars, vanished without a trace. I dont recall its favorite cereal, but I think it was shredded wheat. Having attended many talks by Cryptoid students and writers, I assure you there are none more about it than the Big Foot guys, their passion lets you know they are real! There have been several theories, one that Skunky Funky was really just a homeless Asian sailor who lived in the Glades for many years. Others say Da Bears,  and others say lose Apes. So in the middle of night in Florida and Skynard comes on with "That Smell" look around, cos you run into this thing you're not coming back.